Learning Points from Stickats

It has been awhile since the end of the first assignment and I have just found some time to write a little on some of the many things I’ve learnt over the short three weeks.

Git: Branching and Merging

I use Git quite a lot, even outside of this class. But I’ve never had the need to branch and merge and thus have never saw any value in it. All my projects never had any branches other than master. Working with 4 other developers, I quickly saw how useful branching can be, especially with different people working on different parts of the project.

This was how our commits looked. Bitbucket visualises all the branching and merging with some pretty nice graphics — and our team calls them MRT lines. Well, something I always wanted to learn.


CSS3 Animations

While working on Stickats, our group also decided that we wanted some animations to make the merchant perks page more attractive for users. As part of our plan to introduce some element of gamification into the platform, we planned on making a rocket (or Rockat) launch upward to a certain height, depending on how many Stickats the user has for the merchant. We initially attempted to do so using only JavaScript by setting the object’s position frame by frame. We later found that a CSS3 solution would be more efficient.

CSS3 Rockat



Our group also used Vagrant and Puppet to help everyone have a consistent development environment. This was after our group spent almost one week trying to prepare each others’ development environment for this project. We had a lot of problems building the application as everyone was on different OSes with different versions of software installed. For instance, we found out that the latest version of Compass Sass did not work very well with Foundation and would result in a compilation error. With Vagrant, everyone was able to work on a virtual machine with the right build tools provisioned.

Of course, there’s much more than just these three points that I learnt. But I’ll leave the rest for another time.