Befriend Yourself on Facebook?


It’s less than a week to the deadline of Assignment 1, and our team has been working hard to finish what we have started. While debugging our code, we found out something interesting.

It all started out when I was testing out the API call that retrieves a user’s list of Facebook friends. That was when I realised something strange — the JSON string returned included myself as part of the friend list! I immediately thought there was a bug in our code, and was working with Xuanyi for a good half an hour before we finally found out what the real problem was.

You could be a friend of yourself on Facebook — well, not quite actually. You can, only if you’re a special test user of a Facebook app. Facebook attempts to isolate test users from the rest of the real users, so you can’t have a test user befriending and interacting with a bunch of real users. They instead allow you to manage which other test users the a particular user should be friends of.

Facebook Test Users

And you can befriend yourself.