Square Register

For the second assignment, our team had to choose a Facebook or iPad application to study and present on. We initially had a list of more than 10 different apps, but slowly narrowed it down to a final three. Most of the apps were chosen because we felt that they had interesting points that we as app developers could learn from. Our team eventually chose to study and review Square Register.


Square is not one of the typical apps that everyone with an iPad would download. Its purpose is to give small merchants the tools they need in order to scale and expand their business — tools that were once accessible only to larger and more established merchants.

As of now, Square only works in certain regions, and Singapore is unfortunately not one of them. However, I managed to get hold of a Square reader during a recent visit to Square’s headquarters in San Francisco last month. Although it is not supported in this region at the moment, the Square Register app is still fully functional, complete with sales analytics and email receipts. The only thing it cannot do is the actual processing of credit card payments.